Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Tis the season to give back. Shenandoah Valley Family has compiled a list of nonprofits and other service organizations  that could use some extra love this Holiday season. I’ve struggled in the past to find a place to help, so I hope you find this list helpful. If I’ve left one off, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add it.

If you’re a nonprofit and have a wish list or other volunteer opportunity, please send it and I’ll make sure to get it on this list!

Salvation Army Angel Tree

Every year the Salvation Army locations in our area do an “Angel Tree” holiday giving program. There are a couple of ways you can participate. First, if you own or manage a local business, you can volunteer to have a tree in your lobby where your customers can pick up an “ornament” that has the family wish list and directions on where to deliver the gifts. Also, if you are a local business  or organization but want to get a group of “ornaments” for your employees, students, whomever is affiliated with your organization, you can also reach out to get that as well. Additionally, you could also sponsor a toy drive where the donations would go to the recipients of the Angel Tree program. As an individual (or family) you can pick up an “ornament” from a tree at a local business or  you can also contact the Salvation Army directly.

Staunton 540-885-8157 (Covers Staunton, and West Augusta County)
Wayesboro 540-943-7591 (Covers Waynesboro and East Augusta County)

At the time of publishing this the following were provided by the Salvation Army’s in both Staunton and Waynesboro. You can find an Angel Tree at the following locations;

  • Forgotten Angel Christmas Tree – JC Penny in Staunton Mall
  • Synergy Rehab and Wellness
  • Augusta Co Fed Credit Union
  • Staunton YCMA
  • Woodforest Bank in Walmart
  • Dairy-Rite

For an updated list of locations, please visit the Staunton Salvation Army Facebook page Or the Waynesboro Salvation Army Facebook page. 


Local Schools Guidance Counselors

I’ve heard from a couple of people that they will call their children’s school directly and ask if there are any families that need help. The schools will usually tell you what is needed and also help make sure the donation gets into the the hands of those that need it most.


Valley Mission – Donations

The Valley Mission is a nonprofit offering shelter, support, basic needs, food, and more to the areas homeless. The Valley Mission in Staunton is always in need of donations. They keep a list of most needed items on their website. Take a look here. 

They do ask that you call ahead before bringing anything so they can be available to accept them. The number is: 540 886-4673

Food ItemsShelter ItemsPersonal Items
BaconBlack Drum Liner Bags (55 gallon) Mens Toiletries, including Deodarant
CerealCleaning SuppliesWomen's personal hygene items
CoffeeKitchen Trash Bags (13 gallon)Women's Toiletries
Cooking SprayLiquid Laundry Detergent
Fresh FruitLysol
Fresh VegetablesNon-Adherent Dressing (3x3 & 4x4)
Healthy Snacks (Especially for Kids & Toddlers)Paper Towels
Meat (any type)Pine-sol
Milk (Regular, 2% and evaporated)Toilet Paper
Sliced Cheese
Texas Pete
Worcestershire Sauce


Valley Mission – Volunteer

The Valley Mission is always looking for volunteers. The areas where they need volunteers are as follows;

Building & Maintenance
Community Service
Digital Skills
Guest Programs
Thrift Stores

You do have to complete an application, so be sure to get that in early so you can be approved in time for the holidays. For details, click here then click, Donate Your Talents & Time. 


Disciples Kitchen

Disciples Kitchen is located at Second Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro. They provide hot meals in Waynesboro. They are a partnership with a group of area churches who take turns leading the meals as “serving teams”  To participate you can reach out to one of the participating churches in order to volunteer during a meal time.  The participating churches can be found here. 

They also have a food pantry where clients can pick up food items to take home as well.


Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank serves 25 counties and 8 cities in the Blue Ridge. they provide food to about 106,000 people every month. They are always in need of volunteers. A listing of opportunities can be found here.  They also have a list of “specialized” volunteer opportunities, where you use your skills and talents to help them with their mission. You can see a list of those here. 

Additionally, you can host a food drive or fundraiser. To learn more about how to make that happen, click here. 


Augusta Regional SPCA

The Auguest Regional SPCA is a local animal shelter and adoption center. They have a list of wish list items as well as volunteer opportunites.

Wish List

  • TIDE or COSTCO laundry detergent
  • Dry/canned dog and cat foods
  • Kitty litter,Kitty/dog toys & treats
  • CLOROX  bleach
  • Industrial mops & buckets
  • Good, used items for our SPCA Benefit Shop
  • Office supplies
  • Monetary donations are always appreciated and tax deductible

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Dog walking
  • Socializing the animals
  • Dog visitation at area nursing homes
  • Fostering animals
  • Hosting Pet Outings and “Meet & Greets” in the community
  • Helping staff the SPCA Benefit Shop at 409 W. Beverly Street
  • Helping with fund-raising events
  • Maintaining the grounds of the shelter with planting, weeding, mulching, etc.
  • Taking photographs at our special events

They do require an application, so be sure to get it in soon, in time for the holidays.

For more information, click here. 


Salvation Army Bell Ringer

The Salvation Army of Waynesboro is looking for Bell Ringers for their donation kettles. To learn more, click here. 


Musicians at the Daily Living Center – Waynesboro

The Daily Living Center in Waynesboro is looking for Musicians to perform at the Center. Volunteers usually schedule their musical performances for either our morning activity which is usually around 10:00am or in the afternoon around 1:30pm and last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Some volunteers are on a weekly or monthly schedule and some just schedule when they are available.  To learn more, click here. 


WARM – Waynesboro Area Refugee Ministry – Backup Overnight Winter Volunteers

Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry, Inc. (WARM) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The purpose of WARM is to provide support, temporary shelter or housing, and community development for homeless adults and families in the Waynesboro & Augusta County areas of Virginia. WARM’s services are delivered through a winter rotating (thermal) shelter for homeless adults and a beautiful transitional housing facility for homeless women with children.

WARM is required to have 3 overnight volunteers per night at each shelter site during the winter months of November-March. The host churches/sites typically provide the volunteers along with meals, evening support, morning support, and all other shelter needs. At times, backup volunteers are needed to work with the churches who may have a volunteer call in or with the sites that have a smaller group of volunteers to support the week. Helping as an overnight volunteer is a great way to fill a BIG need without interfering with your daily schedule. This is a great opportunity for corporate groups or employees looking for community service opportunities. We are a perfect option for employers who desire volunteer opportunities for their employees who typically work 3rd shift or volunteers who have daytime commitments but want to be involved in helping their community.

  • Each volunteer will have to spend the night from 8p-7a on their night of service
  • Each volunteer will sleep on rotating shifts and is NOT required to be awake the whole night
  • Each volunteer will be required to sigh a Confidentiality Agreement
  • Each volunteer will have minimal duties (help with any overnight issues for guests but mostly providing shelter monitoring while the guests sleep and breakfast support in the mornings)

To learn more, click here.  They do require an application, so be sure to get it in ahead of the holidays.

They also have a list of needed items, for the full list, click here.  Below is a list of the most critical.

Food Staples (perishable and non-perishable)
Gently Used or New Towels
Paper Products
Office Supplies
Dish Detergent
Laundry Detergent (Reg. and HE)
Household Items (for families moving out)
Children’s OTC Medications
Diapers (sizes 1-5)
Cleaning Supplies
DVDs and Games
Women’s Sanitary Products
Travel Size Personal Hygiene Items
Large and Small Totes
New Thermal Shirts/Pants
New Socks
Women & Kids’ Hygiene Items
Gift Cards


United Way of Greater August Volunteer Job Board

If you haven’t already, you should definitely visit the United Way’s volunteer job board. Its a great resource to find ways to give back. Click here to access it.  


If you know of an opportunity, please send us a note using the form below and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.

Happy Holidays!

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