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I have been a loyal Ebates user for the past 5 years. I was super skeptical at first but after I got my first check, I was sold! Here are a few strategies I’ve used to get the best bang for my buck – so to speak!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates Add On Icon

If you’ve never used Ebates before, its really easy to sign up and just as easy to use. Click here to sign up. To earn money, click through from the Ebates website or mobile app and make a purchase. You must click through the app in order to get the “Ebate”, but its super easy. You can also download the google chrome add on button. When you go to a website that’s on Ebates, it notifies you so you can be sure to get your “ebates”. Once you’ve added it, you’ll see the E in the add on bar, then a little box will pop up in the right side of the browser, once you click Activate all you have to do is shop and earn. Super easy.


In Store Cash Back

Go to In-Store Cash Back, then add your credit card(s) and debit card to Ebates and click link. If you’re worried about security, its safe. As safe as shopping on any other website out there. They’ve got their security (SSL) bases covered, thankfully. The most important thing is to remember to log back in to re-link the offers as they reset about every month or so. Once linked, all you have to do it shop (well, drive there, park, then shop with one of the cards you’ve linked.) Bed Bath and Beyond has a year round in store cash back offer, and I make $15-20/year. There are several others that pop up occasionally, like Petco and World Market that are great as well. I don’t live in a highly populated area but if you do you’ll see lots of stores listed that you may already be shopping at regularly.

Keep an Eye Out for Store Promotions

Amazon and a few other stores don’t always have a high % Ebates offers, but 3-4 times a year they do. So if you are an avid Amazon shopper be sure to check back often to make sure you’re making purchases through Ebates. You’d be buying it anyway, why not get 10% back!

Magazine Subscriptions

Do NOT purchase a magazine subscriptions anywhere else! I repeat DO NOT PURCHASE A MAGAZINE  SUBSCRIPTION ANYWHERE ELSE. Phew, sorry for the yelling, but seriously don’t do it. I have purchased all my magazines through Ebates for the past 5 years. I won’t even renew then – I always purchase through Ebates because of this! I love mostly because its simple up update my address and payment there, but 25% cash back! Its one of the most lucrative Ebates offers.

Check out the past two years of magazine subscriptions for me; $25 back in 2018!

Flowers and Gifts

Using Ebates encouraged me to send my in laws flowers and gifts more often, which gives me brownie points. Its also a great way to send a gift you know someone will love. and a few other sites always have pretty high Ebates cash back offers.

This is just a few of the flower stores that offer Ebates offers, but holy moly! 46% cash back?? That’s amazing.

Travel Sites

Most of the popular travel sites are on Ebates. So be sure to click through when booking directly. You’ll find both hotel sites like Marriott and Holiday Inn, as well as travel booking sites like Expedia and even Home Away. I have made a lot of cash from travel booking. Especially if you’re traveling for work and book your own travel. Be sure to book through an Ebates site and make a little extra cash.

Here is an example of an Ebates check that had a lot of travel related Ebates. The last column is my cash back amount.

Cash Out Options

Last year Ebates started offering a deal where you get 3-8% more cash back when you opt for a gift card instead of a check. (Yes, they actually mail  you a check!) So if there is a store you shop at often, you can earn even more by opting for an e-certificate from that store. The past two “Big Fat Check” periods, I’ve opted for Kohls, but I’ve also done Petco in the past. Bam – all my dogs food was paid for from my Ebates money. When its getting time for the check to be sent, they will email to ask you if you want the check or if you want to opt for an eGift Card. They will show you the options, and what percentage more you’ll get for choosing that instead of the check. Its simple. In January of last year I got almost $15 more just by opting for an eGift card.

You can see how they add the adjustment to your account;


Have I convinced you? Ebates is the real deal. 


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