Product Review: My Explorations Monthly Kit

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Flash to the Past Subscription Box

I am obsessed with these monthly kids craft kits. I just love the concept and wish I’d thought of it (and had the finances to fund a start up!) because its really genius. We were early subscribers to the original Kiwi Crate, but recently my kiddo has been underwhelmed by those. So I started searching for a few new ones.  We’ve tried two of the Kiwico kits, the kiwi crate and then also the tinker crate for older kids. I even thought I’d start making my own – but alas time doesn’t allow me to be that creative.

When researching, I stumbled upon My Explorations. Its a neat concept. There are two “tracks”; science and history. I decided to try the history “track”, because my daughter is really into history and social studies at school. (I love that about her.) They call is “Flash to the Past.” Each month it covers a different place in time, from modern to ancient history. My daughter is pretty picky and pretty antsy. Its hard to get her to sit in one place for more than a few minutes, unless she’s really interested in something, like a lego set. But she actually sat and did this. She did get bored before the last activity was complete, but came back to it in about 10 minutes, and finished it up. I call this a big accomplishment.

This would be the perfect Christmas gift or Hanukkah gift for a kid who is looking for something a little different. The website says its for kids 6-12 years old.

For the first shipment, they send you some introductory supplies, I assumed she’ll need in order to do next kit. Its very well made, and the graphics are bright. The paper is good quality. I’m considering getting this for my nephews, and I have pretty high gift giving standards. This is definitely up to the quality standard needed to gift to a family member or friend.

  • Adorable lunch box for storage.
  • Magnets, that will be used in later kits.
  • A note card with ring to hold cards in future kits.
  • A poster sized map of the world.
  • a few fun activity sheets to get you started.

My daughter really liked the crossword puzzle and code break activity sheet and she’s excited about the next shipment. I know she’ll be stalking the mailbox for the next few weeks.






Monthly Craft Subscription about history – My Explorations





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