Kid Friendly Thai Staunton for the Win

We always love going to Thai Staunton. The food is consistently good and we love the dumplings. But, the best part is that they always go above and beyond to make it fun for the kids. My daughter always looks forward to going and even requests it frequently. Our trip for lunch today was no different. My 8 year old ordered the dumplings from the kids menu. It came out with a flurry of

excitement by our waitress complete with rice in the shape of a dolphin, and  super fun garnish. They make is so fun, it encourages kids to eat more and choose healthier options, because who wouldn’t want to eat a carrot dolphin eye. She ate every single bite!

At the end of the meal, they always offer and ask permission from parents (which is pretty great!), if they can bring out a FREE dessert. This is simply an Oreo cookie and some whip cream with some sprinkles served as a smiley face. Again, this is not a “one time only” thing, they do this every time! We love it because it encourages our daughter to eat foods other than mac and cheese. Today they made an effort to praise my daughter for cleaning her plate.

For the grown ups – We always get some kind of curry. I’ve tried a few and have never had a bad one. I’m obsessed with the Massaman Curry right now. But the green curry is amazing. If you’re not ready to venture into a curry, the simple Thai Fried Rice, which has pineapple is also very good.

Go enjoy Thai Staunton with your family! We are extremely lucky to have such a great place in our little part of the world.

Visit their profile in Food & Drink. They offer Dine In, Take Out, and Delivery.

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